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Creative Matters Podcast - Toipoto

Creative Matters - toipoto
1 May 2022 to 31 May 2022
The month of May
Creative Matters with Dina Jezdic from TOIPOTO: Creative Career Mentoring
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Toipoto, which means Closer Together in Te Reo Maori, is a free mentoring programme for the creative sector in Auckland NZ. Developed from The Big Idea's popular Mentoring in the Arts format, Toipoto has been expertly designed for those starting out or looking to build momentum in their creative journey, who are driven to build a sustainable and rewarding career in the arts.

In this episode we meet Toipoto mentor and director Dina Jezdic.

Toipoto helps you connect with the people and pulse of the arts sector and gives you the tools and tips you need to thrive.

It doesn’t matter what your creative background is - visual artist, performance artist, event planner, producer, game developer, musician or the countless other disciplines the arts sector embraces - Toipoto has mentors with real-life knowledge and experience to help make your career sustainable and rewarding.

You can learn more about this amazing creative mentoring programme and potential opportunity at

Ko koe tēnā ko au tēnei kīwai o te Kete. You take that handle and I'll take this handle of the kete. Working together we will succeed.

Written by

Teri - The Big Idea

5 May 2022